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Recent News about the Program Prioritization Process (PPP):

Andres, Danielle and Jonathan Williams. “Focus on Learning: A Student Vision for Improving Post-Secondary Education in Nova Scotia.” Halifax: Students Nova Scotia, May 21, 2014. Web. Bhattacharyya, Nalinaksha. “Academic Prioritization – an Attack on Tenure.” CAUT Bulletin, 61, 2, February 2014. Web. Central Student Association at the University of Guelph. “The Program Prioritization Process! Cuts Are […]

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“Academic Prioritization – An Attack on Tenure” by Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya

CAUT Bulletin (Vol 61 | No 2 | February 2014)

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Fair Employment Week and Contract Academic Staff

This issue of the Beacon is about Fair Employment Week and the nature of work as a contract academic staff member. Working as a part-time academic instructor, or in a limited term position, or with a less than 12 month appointment is a problem for all of us. Read more here Beacon vol 3 issue […]

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[Revised] Member Update # 3, 14 February re: tomorrow’s meeting

Member Update # 3 February 14, 2013 Please note: On Friday, February 15, THERE WILL BE NO regular picket duty. The only picket duty is the Rally which starts at 11:30 am. On Friday, February 15, members should report at 11:30am for a solidarity rally. This rally will again build a REAL Academic X-Ring by creating a human ring […]

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Implication of Arbitration for the StFX AUT

Implication of Arbitration for the StFX AUT   On February 8, the StFX Administration suggested “Final Offer Arbitration” to resolve the ongoing strike atStFX. While the AUT recognizes that any form of arbitration can have advantages (e.g. quick resolution,minimize third party harm to the student), the intent of this leaflet is to explain what arbitration […]

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Update: Tentative agreement reached

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 14, 2013 The strike at St. Francis Xavier University may be over. After a marathon bargaining session yesterday, negotiators for the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and University administrators have reached a tentative agreement. The full AUT Executive met this morning to carefully consider the offer, and has unanimously recommended it […]

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Member update #3; 13 February 2013

MEMBER UPDATE #3 February 13, 2013 After a marathon bargaining session today, the Chief Negotiators for the StFXAUT & StFX are taking the results of the meetings to their respective parties for consideration. The full AUT Executive will meet in the morning. Stay tuned for further updates tomorrow. You can follow ongoing developments in the […]

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Support from Concordia University Faculty Association (CUFA)

From: Lucie Lequin Sent: 13 February 2013 17:10 To: StFX AUT Subject: Support from CUFA Dear Peter, The Concordia University Faculty Association (CUFA) sends its strong support to all colleagues at St. Francis Xavier University.  The CUFA Council approved a donation for your cause. The cheque is on its way. In solidarity, Lucie Lequin CUFA […]

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Solidarity from Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA)

From: TUFA Sent: 13 February 2013 16:14   To:  StFX AUT Subject: Support for St. FX faculty   Dear Colleagues,   The TUFA Executive Committee voted earlier today to contribute additional funds for your campaign to secure a fair collective agreement.  Following on the heels of last week’s donation we’re preparing a second cheque and […]

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