President’s Message

Dear Members,

The summer at an Academic institution could be described by a set of oxymorons – restful productivity, flexible deadlines and engaged withdrawal, for examples.  For the StFXAUT, the summer provides a time for reflection on priorities for the next Academic year, to work on our own administrative processes and infrastructure, and to support Members in the contexts in which they work. We remain engaged with provincial (Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers (ANSUT), regional (Atlantic Canada Council for Faculty Associations (ACCFA) and national (Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) organizations and also regularly engage in discussions with the other Unions on campus.

As we turn the calendar to the month of September, we reluctantly start to shake off summer, welcome back returning  and new students, engage with new members in their various roles, recall the smell of school supplies we bought for elementary school and savour the taste of a new crisp apple.

This year and next may be characterized as years of disruption as we witness the building of the Mulroney Centre and teach out of newly reclaimed and repurposed spaces. As the disruption is temporary, we look forward to new learning spaces for many of our Members and our students. In the meantime, hopefully the transition to the new Academic year is smooth and the year ahead is a successful and meaningful one.

Mary O.

StFXAUT President

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