Key Dates

Some of the upcoming deadlines in the Fourth Collective Agreement include:

October 1st:

  • Deadline for Academic Dossier for those being considered for renewal of probationary appointment, tenure and/or promotion. (Article 2.1.6 Academic Tenure:3.0) (Article Evaluation of Faculty Members Holding Probationary Appointments:4.0) (Article Evaluation of Faculty Seeking Tenure:3.0)

October 15th:

  • Deadline for Librarians to notify of intention to apply for advancement in rank. (Article 3.1.5 Advancement in Rank:2.0)

October 31st:

  • Deadline for Faculty Members, who were employed by the University in the previous Academic year, to submit an electronic copy of an Annual Report of Activities. (Article 2.0.1 Faculty Responsibilities:7.0, 7.1)

November 1st:

  • Deadline for the Departmental Evaluation Committee to submit its written evaluative report to the Dean and to the Faculty member being evaluated. (Article Evaluation of Faculty Members Holding Probationary Appointments:5.0) (Article Evaluation of Faculty Seeking Tenure:4.1) (Article Evaluation of Faculty Seeking Tenure:4.2) (Article Evaluation of Faculty Members Seeking Advancement in Rank:3.1)
  • Deadline for Librarians seeking renewal or advancement in rank to apply, in writing, to the Chair of the Librarian Promotion and Assessment Committee. (Article 3.1.5 Advancement in Rank:3.0) (Article 3.1.5 Advancement in Rank:4.0) (Article 3.1.6 Permanent Appointment:5.0) (Article Evaluation of Librarians Holding a Probationary Appointment:4.0)

November 2nd:

  • Deadline for Members engaged in external employment to inform their Department Chair and Dean, of the nature and time devoted to these activities in the previous Academic year. (Article 2.8 Outside Professional Activity:10.0)

November 15th:

  • Deadline for Academic Vice-President and Provost to give final approval of sabbaticals. (Article 2.4.1 Sabbatical Leave:14.5) (Article 3.4.1 Sabbatical Leave:14.4)
  • Deadline for Librarians to ensure his or her Academic Dossier is complete. (Article 3.1.6 Permanent Appointment:3.0)

November 21st:

  • Deadline for Nurse Educators on probationary contracts to submit a file to the Probationary Review Committee. (Article 5.4 Probationary Appointments:10.0)
  • Deadline for Nurse Educators to submit a file to the Performance Evaluation Committee. (Article 5.5 Performance Evaluation:4.0)

December 1st:

  • Deadline for the Librarian Evaluation Committee to submit its written evaluative report and recommendation to the University Librarian and to the Librarian being evaluated. (Article Evaluation of Librarians Holding a Probationary Appointment:5.0)
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2017 Antigonish International Film Festival:  October 26th – 28th

2017 Antigonish International Film Festival

The StFXAUT is very pleased to co-sponsor the following films in this year’s Film Festival:

“Black Code”
 (2016) 90 min.

Director: Nicolas de Pencier

An investigation of the impact of the internet on free speech, privacy, and activism.

Date:  Saturday, October 28
Time:  1:30pm-2:30pm

Viewing location:  Town Hall

“Blood Memories”
 (2017) 16 min.

Director:  Peter Murphy

A young Syrian refugee in Antigonish acts in a community theatre role that is eerily similar to his own life story .

Date:  Saturday, October 28

Time:  9:00am-9:30am
Viewing location:  Cineplex

 (2017) 98 min.

Director: Peter Bratt

Co-founder with Cesar Chavez of the National Farm Workers’ Association, Dolores Huerta’s lifelong advocacy for equality and justice.

Date:  Saturday, October 28

Time:  2:50pm-4:30am
Viewing location: Library


The StFXAUT has proudly sponsored the Antigonish International Film Festival since 2008, and has been one of the major sponsors since 2013.



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2017-2018 StFXAUT Executive Committee

The StFXAUT Executive Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to new and returning AUT members, students, and staff to our campus community, and wish each of you an engaging and successful academic year!

Mary Oxner, President

Bruce Sparks, Vice President

Brad Long, Past President

Clare Fawcett, Secretary

Martin van Bommel, Treasurer

Ken MacAulay, Co-Chief Grievance Officer

Stephen Finbow, Co-Chief Grievance Officer

Karen Kenny, Member at Large

Kris Hunter, Member at Large

Martin Sastri, Member at Large

Monica Lent, Member at Large

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2017 StFXAUT Book Prize Award

This article, written by Susan MacKay, appeared in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Beacon.

The StFXAUT would like to congratulate the 2017 Book Prize Award recipients Emily Pipes (BA Psychology) and Emily Keenan (BA Political Science with First Class Honours with Subsidiary in Philosophy).

Emily Pipes and Dr. Norine Verberg (Sociology);
photo credit: Susan MacKay

Emily Keenan and Dr. Jeffrey Spring (Political Science); photo credit: Susan MacKay


Each student was presented with a cash award of $200 and The Right to Be Cold (2015) by Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

The StFXAUT Book Prize is awarded at Spring Convocation to two graduating students who demonstrate a commitment to social justice advocacy and community development on campus or in the community.

Congratulations Emily and Emily! We wish you the very best in your future endeavours!

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Each Academic year, the StFXAUT sponsors Student Bursaries for undergraduate students with demonstrable financial need. In your conversations with students, please remind them of this possibility. The deadline to submit an application for this bursary is Wednesday, September 27th.

The next deadline to submit the StFXAUT Sponsorship Application Form is Sunday, October 1st. The StFXAUT invites sponsorship requests from organizations committed to education, labour, social justice, and community development.

Fair Employment Week: October 23-27. Make it fair for academic staff. Campus events will be announced once they are confirmed.

The Antigonish Staples has set up a Business Development Program for Members of the StFXAUT. As an AUT Member, you are eligible for an ongoing 10% discount for the majority of printing services, which include poster printing, lamination, binding, and copying (not self-serve).

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) offers Health and Dental Benefits for Retirees. To learn more about monthly premiums for residents of Nova Scotia, please click here.

StFXAUT social media activity is ongoing: follow @StFXAUT on Twitter and like our Facebook page,, to monitor goings-on.

Please remember to send your event notices and campus updates to the StFXAUT listserv to keep all Members informed.


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StFXAUT Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Session

This article, written by Suzanne van den Hoogen and Susan MacKay, appears in the Spring/Summer edition of The Beacon.

One of four information sessions offered to AUT members during this year’s StFXAUT Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 11th was an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Session, hosted by Suzanne van den Hoogen, StFX Public Services Librarian and AUT JOHSC representative, and Susan MacKay, AUT Executive Assistant and JOHSC member (AUT alternate). The theme of our workshop was “Safety Starts with Me” and that each one of us is a safety leader.

We began by outlining the following goals of our workshop:

      1. Awareness + education = the prevention of accidents and incidents,
      2. Education = empowerment: Be familiar with the NS OHS Act and know your rights,
      3. How to identify the six workplace hazards, and
      4. What does safety in the workplace mean to you?


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The StFXAUT Breaking the Silence (BTS) Connection

This article, written by StFXAUT Communications Officer Philip Girvan,  appears in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Beacon.

Remember, Resist and Thrive: Rooting Education in Indigenous Worldviews was a panel discussion hosted by the StFXAUT and Antigonish Breaking the Silence Guatemala Solidarity (BTS) on June 19. Three speakers from the New Hope Community Bilingual Institute in Rabinal — School Director Sandra Lopez, current student Andrés Colocho Chachal, and Lilian Bolvito, a member of the first graduating class from the school’s recently created technical program – shared the school’s struggles and challenges, as well as their impressions of Nova Scotia, to a crowd gathered in the St. James United Church Community Room. The New Hope Community Bilingual Institute is a school dedicated to the local indigenous Maya Achi culture that teaches the Maya Achi language, community development, and the history of colonization and other injustices committed against indigenous peoples.

This discussion was only the most recent demonstration of solidarity between Antigonish and Guatemala. Antigonish businesses donated building materials and school supplies to the New Hope Community Bilingual Institute. Community members contributed financially and volunteered their labour to help build the school. Speakers from Guatemala travel to the Maritimes every year, and Antigonish is almost always a stop. (more…)

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To Eat an Almond

This article, written by StFXAUT Communications Officer Philip Girvan,  appears in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Beacon.

On April 27, a year ahead of schedule and less than a month after reaching an earlier milestone of $70,000, StFX for Syrian-Antigonish Families Embrace (SAFE) reached a fundraising goal of $100,000. These funds will allow SAFE to sponsor another family of Syrian refugees.

During the April 27 fundraising event, 21-year old Majd Al Zhouri, one the first Syrians to arrive in Antigonish, performed his one-person play To Eat an Almond. The acclaimed play debuted on March 24 of this year during Theatre Antigonish’s annual one-act play festival.

Brendan Ahern (left) and Majd Al-Zhori
Photo Credit: Janie Lumsden

Other recent stagings include a performance before 150 teachers at Dr. John H. Gillis Regional High School during an April 28 In-Service Day, and a May 11 fundraiser at Glasgow Square Theatre in New Glasgow for Pictou County Safe Harbour Refugee Project. Majd also delivered a speech adapted from the play during the first national Interchange Conference held May 24-26 at StFX. (more…)

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Getting to Know You: The StFX Chemistry Department

This article, written by StFXAUT Communications Officer, Philip Girvan, appears in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Beacon.

Left to right: Pablo Scrosati and Tiffany Brooks (Honours students of Dr. Razul), Dean of Science Dr. Petra Hauf, MP for Central Nova Sean Fraser, Dr. Geniece Hallett-Tapley, Dr. Shah Razul, Bry Crabbe (Dr. Hallett-Tapley’s MSc student), Oliver Kuehm (Dr. Hallett-Tapley’s Honours student); photo credit: Susan MacKay

Small classroom sizes, individual opportunities like small and private lab spaces, and close, personalized instruction are among the benefits that the StFX Department of Chemistry have provided third year honours student Oliver Kuehm. Kuehm extolled the benefits of what The Beacon assured him was a fairly rare occurrence, “With the profs coming to you …you get to learn from a first-hand perspective what they’re doing. You have a lot more knowledge before you go into a circumstance”. (more…)

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Alumna Shout-out: Alexis MacDonald

This interview, conducted by Mary Oxner, appears in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of The Beacon.

The Beacon regularly features interviews with StFX University Alumni on the topic of their relationships with StFXAUT Members who challenged, inspired, or helped in some way. This issue’s interview is with Alexis MacDonald (Psychology ’99 with First Class Honours).

The Beacon:  During your time at X was there any particular Professor,  Librarian,  Lab Instructor, Coady Program  Staff Member, Nurse Educator, Extension Program Staff Member, or  Learning Skills Instructor that helped you, inspired you, or was a mentor to you?

Alexis:  There are several StFX Professors and staff who had a major influence on my life decisions – I couldn’t narrow it down to one:

Mary Coyle, former StFX Vice President and Director of the Coady International Institute. I felt a deep affinity with Mary from the first day I met her. I was a young woman leader on the Students’ Union and Mary gave me a lot of support in that role. She encouraged me to apply for the Coady’s Youth Internship Program post-graduation, which irrevocably changed my life and career path towards international development. To this day, Mary is still my greatest mentor and has become a close friend.

Dr. Gary Brooks, my former History of Psychology Professor. He encouraged me to do my honours thesis in Psychology. Dr. Brooks was renowned for his intellect and high standards – he pushed me to become a better writer and a top student. He is now retired but I recently reconnected with him – he is as fabulous as ever.

Dr. Margo Watts, my former Personality Psychology Professor. I took a summer class with Dr. Watts and was blown away by her teaching style. She approached the material with such creativity and passion – it made me change my thesis focus from child development to personality psychology.

Dr. Sean Riley, former StFX President. Sean recognized my leadership skills early on and continuously encouraged me to take on new challenges. Every year, Dr. Riley and I find time to sit down for a deep conversation about life and career paths. How many University Presidents continue to do that with their former students, even years later?

Dr. Ann Bigelow, founder of Service Learning at StFX. I will never forget rushing into Dr. Bigelow’s office, begging her to let me go on the Service Learning trip after missing the first deadline. Dr. Bigelow made a rare exception and that Service Learning experience was life changing. It inspired me to learn more about the injustices in the world – and the students I went on that trip with to Jamaica are still my closest friends almost 20 years later.

The Beacon:  You recently visited Antigonish in November 2016. How often have you been back since you graduated?  What’s something that has strikingly changed since your time here?  Is there anything that seems to have hardly changed at all? (more…)

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